ok ok not much of a post but heres an outfit that I love
aren't the pants cool? they used to be my cousins, but got passed down to me! This photo was taken in Hawaii. 
Oh, has anyone seen that movie "Earth"? I just saw it and it was really good! go see it!
Oh ya, I want to thank everyone  who has left very nice comments on my blog, they are greatly appreciated :)



  1. Thank you :D
    I like the outfit, the pants are too cool :) You're lucky to have gone to Hawaii !
    I didn't see the movie Earth even though i want to see it.
    You changed the layout of your blog ! x

  2. really like your shoes! also, your masthead photo is gorgeous, i posted it and a few from the same set on my blog awhile ago.

    great blog! come visit sometime.


  3. Haha thank you both!
    yah..i'm still kinda playing around with my blog and i like this layout better :)
    have a nice day xox