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                                                          OH HEY!

Yayy!! I finally got my pictures uploaded! Huzzah huzzah!

Basically everyone made some sort of comment about these tights when I wore them too school...who could blame them they are pretty fabulous. They could be the coolest tights in the world if these beautiful things didn't exist. Oh Rodarte where for art thou Rodarte? Sorry I am reading Romeo and Juliet, its a bit stuck in my head at the moment. I guess I'll have to make do with these, since Rodarte isn't going to send me a pair like they did Tavi.

Ok now in other news....This is what I wore yesterday. I got a new tripod so I've been using that to take pictures (Yay no more placing my camera awkwardly on things!).

blazer- found in basement - blouse - random store in Vancouver the tag says "split", skirt - AA,  belt - UO, tights - H&M, shoes - keds


  1. these tights are fantastic.
    and my name is emma, too!


  2. Yeah I like them too! and the jacket. About the comment on my blog:
    1st thx
    2nd I wish life in paris was like that too, with the music and the cupcakes but it's too good to be true.

  3. Those tights are so kickass! Thanks so much for the blog comment. :)

  4. Lovely images ( and funny first image !) I love your outfits !!

  5. great outfit and photos! i love your blog just found it , & im now following it!


  6. thank you for your really nice comment! And those tights are fabulous.

  7. Fun pictures. I love the tights!