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fashion shoot




Photoshoot that I styled back in July! M.I.A inspired using mostly my own clothes. The model (Tess) was super sweet and she was only 15! weirdsies.
God its been a while. I think I'll give this another go.


I'm back!

And I've discovered Picasa!
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The death of a fashion legend and one of my personal favourite designers. We will never forget him. RIP Alexander McQueen


VW + V = Love

Vampire Weekend, MGMT + Vogue??

My loves have joined together to create an epic editorial



Ok so unless you haven't seen the news or you went on a supercool awesome trip to mars I'm assuming that you've all heard about the terrible earthquake in Haiti. What makes it even worse is that this is really the last thing they need right now. Anyways, my family is helping out through World Vision and hopefully you guys are doing your part too. There are tons of ways you can contribute, so lets take a minute from our own consumer lives (I am totally guilty of this!!!) and help out our brothers and sisters in Haiti cause they really need it. :)

Anyways, on a tad brighter note, here are some photos from my family trip to Palm Springs which was quite fun. I however made the mistake of bringing only dresses/shorts and well, it was a desert meaning at night it was freezing! Oh well I got some good photos

Uh ya we went rock climbing
Totally reminded me of where the wild things are. I also couldn't stop picturing a totally awesome photo shoot that could be set against the beautiful desert backdrop.
And we saw a Coyote!



Street Style inspiration from here here and here
I love looking at street style blogs, I find them very inspiring and it motivates me to come up with a good outfit. By good I mean making an effort. I like browsing lookbook too but I often find myself loathing the people with the most beautifully put together outfits. Just kidding haha they're awesome.

Lately I've been thinking about the whole leaving comments on personal style blogs thing. I know that one of my favourite blogs "Sea of Shoes" took her comment section off. What do you guys think?

Also do you guys know any good street style fashion sites?




Oxford Comma

yoyoyo yigitty yo
The title of this post is refrence to one of my favourite bands, Vampire Weekend! They have a new album out soon so excited!
I hope everyone had a fabulous christmas break and found lots of new clothes under the tree. I had a lovely vacation. I went on a last minute vacay to Palm Springs with the fam. The weather was so nice and I got some great pictures! Also the shopping is great down there its so cheap!

Me and my twin shopping, I loved this huge mirror! I want one like this in my room
Ahhh these photos look like they are really bad quality but I think blogger just hates me
These photos were taken at an art galley in Palm Springs which was surprisingly good. They had pieces by Warhol, Degas, Moore, Picasso... I tried to sit on this gigantic swing thing but was unsuccsessful
wearing charlotte russe top (something we don't have in canada) that was $10!!, lucky brand jeans, roxy bag, dolce vita sandals, urban outfitters sunglasses



Its a marshmallow world

Hello Readers, sorry you haven't heard from me in...2 weeks?...omg
Anyways, I've been reading all of your blogs and really enjoyed all of your wonderful posts. Really, wonderful. I'm going to California on Boxing Day, so I might not be able to post before the New Year. I gotta say that 2009 has been an absolutely wonderful year and I'm really glad that I started this blog its been great. Thanks for everyone who reads or even just glances at it.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Oh and happy belated Hannukah! :)

Here are some of my favourite photos I took in December. Enjoy :).

Whistler BC, amazing ski resort/future 2010 Olympic location
Me in Whistler

I think Christmas lights are one of my favourite things to take photos of, they are so magical,

Love Love Love

Queen Emma