Hey everyone!! We'll I'm off to the airport in a matter of minutes where I will depart to NYC! I probably won't be able to update my blog but I'll be taking lots of photos so catch you on the flip side

Lots of love

Queen Emma


Wild thang

Not much to say... 6 days till I hit NYC!!!



Hello everyone :) sorry for the random hiatus, hopefully won't be happening often and I really appreciate all of the nice comments. This weekend I went to the fireworks which was quite fun with a few of my friends. They were quite rowdy and I was kind of fearing for my life on the bus ride home mainly due to the large amount of intoxicated teenagers but no matter. Then yesterday I went to the pride parade downtown which was a lot of fun! The costumes were great and I think everyone should go to at least one in their life. We also did some shopping after and I bought some sunglasses and a tee shirt from urban outfitters. Heres some photos from the parade!

I had to laugh at this

best float of of the day

really bad quality, but this is me and eireann (twin) in our fave vintage store

dress - urban outfitters