when I watched the academy awards I said right from the beginning that this was my favourite dress of the night, even before I knew it was Rodarte. Natalie Portman is so stunning.
$850 of wearable art

I love the delicate look of these ballerina - esque dresses. Its like owning something thats one of a kind, because no two are exactly alike.

..............there are no words

Images from here here here and here

In a nutshell = Rodarte has become my favourite designer, even surpassing Marc Jacobs. 



  1. I can't imagine ever wearing Rodarte, but I love to look at it. The leggings in the 2nd picture and the details on the dresses in the 5th picture are just incredible. Thanks for posting this.

    Re your comment: Most of Lewis Carroll's photos that I posted were taken in the late 1850s and 1860s--definitely no pictures are from after 1880, because that's when he stopped taking pictures.

  2. Thank you!
    And I'm a huge fan of Rodarte as well!

  3. wow this is amazing! those ballerina type dresses are just amazing!

  4. Ah, Rodarte is some kind of AMAZING! I'm such a fan... xx