They call her dawn

is there anything better than tea, british vogue and the red tent?

shirt/dress - topshop, leggings - aa, scarf- h+m

I had a very funfilled weekend with baking ( mainly done by my sister), crazy dance party, figuring out how to work the self timer on my d70s (thank you photo teacher!) and beautiful sunny weather. How was your weekend?



the circle of life

Finalement, an outfit post.
After about a year of envying all you fashion bloggers who possess the famous american apparel circle scarf, I finally set out to find one the other day when my mates and I went shopping. However before I could reach american apparel I was browsing in H+M and one of my friends called over to me "Hey Emma is this the scarf thing you wanted?". Sure enough there was an exact replica of it in her hands, and it was half the price. I was very pleased.

oversize tee - h+m, circle scarf- h+m, jeans, - mavi

ambleside beach in Vancouver.



New York Fashion Week: Rodarte

Ok so I have finally finished looking at every single possible photo taken of the Rodarte Spring 2010 show and I am so amazed!! This is nothing but a small bead on a necklace of the show so make sure you check out the whole thing here.

Coming up next post, Marc Jacobs!


Sparks inside of me

More New York photos, this was probably the best day because we went to:
check it out check it out

I was almost crying at this point, i was so excited.

Me and Eireann, so excited
Most amazing show ever. I loved every second

shirt h+m, skirt AA, shoes HV,



school is cool

School is now in sesh and the boringness begins. On the plus side I am taking photography at school so I'm hoping it'll be a fun class. Also I have heard that for October's Teen Vogue issue, which is the young hollywood issue, Taylor Lautner is going to be on the cover. Dear God. I do admit he is good looking but Teen Vogue?? Now all they need to do is put Rob on the cover and they've covered the the whole twilight crew. Someone I'd like to see on the cover would be Dakota Fanning. How about you guys?

these are some photos of my jewelry I thought I'd post

just dismiss my facial expressions on these....

wearing: Topshop pullover, Lucky brand boyfriend jeans, 
On a more serious note, this day will always be remembered at the day when the world truly saw evil, for those who perished in 9/11, lest we forget



New York: part 2

Here are some awesomo photos from my second day in New York!

I love these sunglasses

waiting for the ferry

amazing cupcake store in the chelsea market. If there is one thing that New York isn't short of its cupcakes.

My sister Eireann with our swag from TopShop

SoHo!! Such a cool area that I would like to live in when I'm older

Sailor I saw on the Staten Island Ferry
And may I remind you it does not say RSVP on the statue of Liberty


me sitting in starbucks... That day I was wearing a shirt from H+M, levi shorts from Urban Outfitters, vintage sunglasses and a necklace from Anthropologie

So school has started again, which I'm kind of excited about but also dreading. I'm really excited to start photography and I actually have a few classes with friends which doesn't happen often. Also does anyone watch that new show Glee? Its so awesome, its like my ideal show. Its on tomorrow (Wednesday) so make sure you check it out!