let the sunshine in



    Today there was sun!! You know what that means....photoshoot time!
School today was blah. I got a math test back that I got like 60% on so thats not good. Graphing is definatly  not my forte.  Well any way I got some good photos taken. Oh yah has any one seen the top spring trends on teen vogue.com? There are some wicked shoes on there. A lot of jellies...

shirt - dads old   belt - urban outfitters  random jewelry - my own  leggings- american apparel




       Well today it rained. Not so unusual for north vancouver. it was a grey grey day. kind of              depressing but also beautiful. School was quite boring but I have a short week woot! 

     This is what I wore today. Pretty basic. I love the skirt and the tights. The shirt and the                    cardigan are pretty basic, but good for completing looks.

 The necklace used to be my moms. My dad gave it to her when they started dating so its at least 20 years old. I wear it pretty much every day. Its real gold with a real diamond.

                                                            belt - urban outfitters
                                                          t shirt - american apparel
                                                                 skirt - billabong 
                                                             cardigan - banana republic
                                                                   tights - unknown
                                                         heart necklace- moms old, Birks


Ah the outfit. The sweater is from h+m and it has a picture of two monsters holding hands on it. The jeans are my sisters from american eagle or somthing. The shoes are keds which I've had forever. I got the sunglasses for 5 bucks at a flea market.

I started to get really into oversize sweaters. They are just so darn comfy. I need to got get some more.Some vintage ones would be nice. Ahhh today i went tot the  Junos which are like the Canadian version of the grammys and we had killer seats. Security is so harsh at those events though they won't even lets you stand next to the gate thats like 20 feet away from the red carpet unless you have a special ticket. This security lady was staring at me and my friends so i gave her a dirty look on the way out.

I love spring but I love summer even more. I love wearing dresses without tights, being able to go outside without a jacket or a sweater, the lightness till 9:00 and no school. Only 60 something days left of school wooot!!

Still figuring this out

This is me. I was really bored. I had a dance show that day and was just at home. The shirt is from my fathers closet, the leggings and belt are from american apparel, and the pearls are my moms old.  My mom has this old box of jewellery from like the 80's that she never wears so sometimes I look through it and raid it. I've found many cool things.


                                                  The sunset is quite beautiful on a sunny day


   this is me in Hawaii. i got those sweet shades for $5!! woot. I was there from Dec 21st to      January 4th. it was pretty awesome. Sunny everyday and i wore t-shirts shorts and dresses all week long

 So ya I pretty much live in the most beautiful place in the world...when its sunny at least


Finally the sun came out and my twin and i could have another random photo shoot. Ahrg I desperately want to go vintage shopping but my money always seems to get spent on things such as starbucks.....mmmh oat fudge bars.


Everyday i go to school and see another stupid girl with a fake tan. Do thy not realize how unnatural it looks? I have to settle with being pale I guess. i took this photo with my self timer outside on my deck :)



                                                        my room

my sister stole these glasses from the movie theatre for me. i don't think she understands my fashion sense. I like them. That is my new fave sweater soo cozy. Its a mens sweater because all of the womens ones sold out in like 2 minutes.

. I made the headband in the second pic

First Post

Hey everyone its my first post!

This was last week on my friends trampoline and my friends took it of me. It twas quite fun.
I am really into wearing menswear now. I found the blazer i am wearing in my basement and the pants are my dads old ones haha. I like mixing in girly stuff with it too though, like pearls or brooches. The weather is finally getting good in Vancouver, spring is upon us!!