Season of Love

Yay! I finally had time to take some pictures! I LovLoveLove this skirt. After reading Mary's blog, I discovered that she has the same one which makes her even more awesome than she already is. I bought it like towards the end of last summer so I am just breaking it out now. 

However, as much as I love providing you all with photos of my outfits, I feel there is something else I should address with you all. 

 Today in planning class, a woman came into our class to talk to us about gay/lesbian/bisexual related topics and it's stereotypes and misconceptions. I was quite "excited" for the presentation, mainly because its a topic thats often avoided at school. However a few kids in my class thought it would be ok to talk and laugh while this young women was trying to talk. Oh and just to make it even more funny, they added in a few racist and and homophobic comments in there.


When the presenter asked them what they said, they replied, oh nothing.

She then said, Did you consider the fact that there may be gay or Jewish people in the room who are offended by your comments?

They said: No there aren't any jews in here.


The reason I'm writing about this isn't because I'm Jewish, its because everyone needs to know racism is never ok. Ever. Ever. or homophobia.

Everyone on this planet is equal and we have to realize this now!!! It is never Ok to discriminate against ANYONE because of their race, gender or sexual orientation.

Ok so anyways, that was my rant. Please think about it next time you ever just joke about peoples race or say "Thats so Gay!". Please.


ok before you move on to another blog, listen to this song!!!! Please! it rocks!!!


Queen Emma


  1. I almost bought the same one before I realized Mary already had it! I love the graphic flowers.

  2. oh yes, I saw Shiny Toy Guns in grade 10 in a tiny venue before they became famous! Pretty sweet

  3. i agree with your rant! and i love your outfit and photos. and ... haha many ands :commenting back on your comment on my blog. i moved there because my entire family is here and my parents wanted to move!


  4. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE SO DO HAVE THE SAME SKIRT! And the same mentality on homophobia! I think the only logical conclusion is we are the same person...

    So much love, keep being excellent and fighting "that's so gay." What's wrong with people?!

  5. Adore the skirt!
    I feel exactly the same way about people saying "that's so gay". It annoys the hell out of me. My school is full of people who simply don't know any better, and worse, don't know any people who are not like them. I'm working on getting them to change, though. Might take a while, but I'm determined!

  6. Sweet skirt.
    Too bad about those kids. I'd like to say one day they'll grow up...but unfortunately not everyone does.

  7. adorable skirt!
    also, people being homophobic is one thing I feel really strongly about. we're all people! come on! thank you for saying something about it :)

    that shiny toy guns song is all i've been listening to since the gossip girl finale... it's so infectious and good!

  8. That skirt is so cute! I love the colors.

    Yeah, school kids can be so ignorant. I think schools could do a much better job teaching tolerance.

  9. cute skirt....i love the print.

  10. Just want to say that you are wearing an adorable skirt! :D