That was when I ruled the world

Heyy y'all
Ok so sorry about the lack of postage. I am to lazy + sleep deprived from a very hectic week. My week has consisted of attending a bar mitzvah (which was very fun btdubs), 3 tests, work, helping my sister campaign for student council, and of course finding time to take pictures for my blog. 
However, I did pick up the new issue of Teen Vogue today which equals happiness.

I just ate a small chocolate extreme blizzard and I'm pretty sure I can't eat for another 2 days cause I'm so full from it. mmmmmh ya 500 calories.

Happy Sunday


                                             my american apparel nylon tricot figure skater dress is lovely, I wear it all the time

          This was before me and Eireann (twin) went to my little sisters school carnival (lame).          We ended up going to starbucks and having friends over. We watched Bend it like Beckham,             an AMAZING film. If you are a soccer fan I suggest you watch it.
                    wearing : blouse - winners, belt - UO, Levi cutoffs- UO, necklace - brazil?
        Yay my new shoes! I've been wanting a pair of gladiator sandals for a while, so I'm happy I            finally got a pair. I'm hoping to pair them with my levi cutoffs and airy summer dresses.


  1. ooooh, i really like your figure skater dress! also, BLAIR AND CHUCK. AMAZINGNESS. SO CUTE. as soon as i heard the song i was like, this is my new favorite song. do you know "five years time" by noah and the whale? it's similarly infectious and upbeat.

  2. so nice outfit ! i love your figure skater dress ! x

  3. You totally rocked that skater dress!

  4. i love your outfits and new shoes!


  5. I love the shape of that dress! The blouse is cute, too. And, yes, Bend it Like Beckham is a great movie, even if you don't like soccer that much.

  6. ooh I love that cute little white blouse!!!

  7. love the dress, you're so cute (: