I'll eat you up I love you so

Hey guys.........So I haven't blogged in quite a while, mainly because some really scary stuff went down this week, but luckily it turned out okay.
However on a good note, I finally saw Where the the Wild Things are and was utterly utterly amazed. The music, the cinematography, the wild things themselves, Max Records....everything was just so so amazing. I know literaly EVERYONE has been blogging about this movie but I just had to.

This movie should definatly win Best Cinematography at the Academy Awards.
Max and KW
" I don't won't you to go, I'll eat you up I love you so." I teared up
Alexander, the misunderstood, emotional wild thing. Voiced by Paul Dano, who is an amazing actor. He played Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine.
Max - the king of fort building
Although I can't imagine how difficult it was to make this movie, I'm glad they went with the desicion to use real people as the wild things and not animate them, it seemd a lot more real. Apparently the heads of the costumes weighed over 100 pounds...

Me, wearing my wild things shirt in NYC. Shorts from urban outfitters




omg shoes

wearing: cardi from h+m, floral shirt from h+m, skirt from aa, dad's old belt, random tights, dolce vita boots
Yay I got new shoes FINALLY

Oh and all of you 22 followers, THANK YOU :)
I'm going to see Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow!! So excited!



I can leave behind a smile but I'll never breathe

Do you really think I've never kissed a guy before?

-Chuck Bass


wearing : aa skirt, uo belt, h+m striped shirt, banana republic cardi, uo head ban, flats from nordstrom and socks :P
Yay outfit post!
This skirt is quite possibly my favourite thing to wear at the moment. You guys have probably noticed that I have posted outfits including it a few times. It a perfect length and colour for me. I just recieved, in my eyes, the most PERFECT shoes ever. I ordered them a couple weeks ago and absolutly love them. You'll definitly be seeing them on the blog soon :)

So right now I am facing quite the dilemma. I have been notified about when my musical rehearsals are and they conflict with my dance classes. I am really unsure of what I am going to. Have any of yo guys had to chose between two things that you love doing?



Anything Goes

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a good weekend, I sure did.

I am really excited because tomorrow I am going "camping" with my choir for a bonding experience. It sounds like it will be an epic combination of harmonizing/musical fusion. I'm stoked.

On Sunday me, my mom and my parents went for a walk along the ocean and went through the dog walking park. I got some pretty good pictures.

This one was really cute. His name was Sam
My sister chasing a dog
Me and Eve
I can't seem to get enough of this circle scarf! I wear it like every day!

wearing: h+m circle scarf, lucky brand boyfriend jeans, vintage ralph lauren flannel shirt, grey v-neck

Groove on groovsters!



Tiny Dancer

Howdy Y'all

Ok so, the main event this weekend was THANKSGIVING!
Yes us here in Canada celebrate it a month early just because we aren't patient enough. We like our turkey okay?
My mom always makes an amazing meal (scroll down for food porn) and my twin Eireann makes scrumdidlyumtious desserts. I just show up

Oh how I love you incandescent lighting. I've discovered since enrolling in photography class that all of the good pictures are taken OUTSIDE
I really liked the outfit I was wearing that day. I always seem to dress up the best when I stay home..
sorry for the bad quality. wearing : blouse - h+m, skirt - aa, belt - dads old, tights - ?, necklace - random market, shoes - keds
I got my haircut! I don't know if you can tell but I have "bangs" now

Thanks Eireann and Eve for the photos :)

me and my grandma, she actually really liked Nylon. As do I
Oh ya! I got a part in my school musical! It's going to be "Anything Goes" one that I'm less familiar with, but who cares!! Its a musical! I don't know what part I have yet but I'll keep you all posted!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous posts they make me really happy when I read them :)



Marky Marc

Um, yah. So basically I want these kids to be my new best friends and I wish there had of been Little Marc by Marc Jacobs when I was 5....sighh



Ok so a week in review
Well I had my audition on tuesday, and I think it went pretty well. At least I hope it did. The directors could have been thinking
"Oh my who is this bright shining starlight who we have just discovered! We will make her a star!"
"Omg what is she thinking? that song is meant for like a 7 year old. What is she trying to prove wearing that scarf? NEXT!"

Well I don't consider myself a bright shining starlight but I hope they liked it. OMG I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TUESDAY TO FIND OUT!!

Um anywho back to blogging

Yes that is Justin Bieber and yes that is me singing along to One Time
DON'T JUDGE ME HES CUTE OK!!! AND HE IS CANADIAN! Doesn't mean I consider him talented though, just damn cute

so ya the quality of these pictures kinda suck but just bear with me

wearing: scarf - aa, skirt - billabong, cardi - banana republic, tights - aa, shirt - fcuk
the sky was pink!
took pictures while watching gossip girl cause I'm just that cool. I love Chuck
Taylor Momsen who kinds sounded like a man in this episode not going to lie. At least she's gotten rid of the mullet and the raccoon eyes. She looked really gorgeous in this epsode
A tree that I took a picture of when I was walking home. In photography class I am learning how to use my camera properly (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance) and how to use photoshop!
I look kind of creepy in this one...sigh

Thanks for everyone who reads my blog you guys are the best!!






Alexander McQueen FTW

The collection reminds me of butterfly wings. What do you think?

I love how the dress and the shoes like match but still look amazing

so beautiful
then when you think its all over its like WHABAM LEATHER
The one on the right would make you feel like a gorgeous sparkly mermaid


I didn't think that I would like any other collections as much as I loved Marc Jacobs and Rodarte but this is for sure number 1. What do you guys think?

Oh and thank you for all the lovely comments on the last posts :) I literally feel like dancing whenever I get one!