Ah the 40's. The time where women wore dresses everyday and made sure their hair was perfect before they went out. When men went to work and were the breadwinners of the family. When kids went to the movies for 10 cents, did the jitterbug and went out for soda pops. 

The reason I dedicated an entire post to the 40's is because I am reading a book set during this time and find it very interesting. I'm not saying the 40's were perfect. There was a terrible war going on for most of it, women had fewer rights, technology was no were near what it is today and people weren't as tolerant with each other back then. However, it would be nice somehow to go back in time and experience the 40s. 


Queen Emma


Season of Love

Yay! I finally had time to take some pictures! I LovLoveLove this skirt. After reading Mary's blog, I discovered that she has the same one which makes her even more awesome than she already is. I bought it like towards the end of last summer so I am just breaking it out now. 

However, as much as I love providing you all with photos of my outfits, I feel there is something else I should address with you all. 

 Today in planning class, a woman came into our class to talk to us about gay/lesbian/bisexual related topics and it's stereotypes and misconceptions. I was quite "excited" for the presentation, mainly because its a topic thats often avoided at school. However a few kids in my class thought it would be ok to talk and laugh while this young women was trying to talk. Oh and just to make it even more funny, they added in a few racist and and homophobic comments in there.


When the presenter asked them what they said, they replied, oh nothing.

She then said, Did you consider the fact that there may be gay or Jewish people in the room who are offended by your comments?

They said: No there aren't any jews in here.


The reason I'm writing about this isn't because I'm Jewish, its because everyone needs to know racism is never ok. Ever. Ever. or homophobia.

Everyone on this planet is equal and we have to realize this now!!! It is never Ok to discriminate against ANYONE because of their race, gender or sexual orientation.

Ok so anyways, that was my rant. Please think about it next time you ever just joke about peoples race or say "Thats so Gay!". Please.


ok before you move on to another blog, listen to this song!!!! Please! it rocks!!!


Queen Emma


That was when I ruled the world

Heyy y'all
Ok so sorry about the lack of postage. I am to lazy + sleep deprived from a very hectic week. My week has consisted of attending a bar mitzvah (which was very fun btdubs), 3 tests, work, helping my sister campaign for student council, and of course finding time to take pictures for my blog. 
However, I did pick up the new issue of Teen Vogue today which equals happiness.

I just ate a small chocolate extreme blizzard and I'm pretty sure I can't eat for another 2 days cause I'm so full from it. mmmmmh ya 500 calories.

Happy Sunday


                                             my american apparel nylon tricot figure skater dress is lovely, I wear it all the time

          This was before me and Eireann (twin) went to my little sisters school carnival (lame).          We ended up going to starbucks and having friends over. We watched Bend it like Beckham,             an AMAZING film. If you are a soccer fan I suggest you watch it.
                    wearing : blouse - winners, belt - UO, Levi cutoffs- UO, necklace - brazil?
        Yay my new shoes! I've been wanting a pair of gladiator sandals for a while, so I'm happy I            finally got a pair. I'm hoping to pair them with my levi cutoffs and airy summer dresses.


Tra la la la la springs in the air.....and I'm a flower with nothing interesting to say

Ok, so this is quite the post so be prepared! Whoever reads the whole thing gets a cookie!
Ok so, monday I had no school, so my chums and I went down to this little market called Londsdale Quay and browsed/ate. It rained so much that day so we got quite wet. Tuesday, my friend Taylor go back from his university experience thing in ontario so we chatted about that in the library. School was tres boring that day, and right after school I had dance, which was verryy tiring. We are doing a dance to a Counting Crows song called Big Yellow Taxi. Today, i also unfortunatly went to school and watched film in French with no subtitles called Bach et Bottine. Twas very very odd. Then my sister and I had a photo shoot and I went to ballet.

                                              these are some of the beautiful flowers in my garden

                        Everything I'm wearing belongs to my sister Eireann, except for the pearls 
                                   The shirt is from H+M and the shorts are from the Gap. Exciting I know.

                                                                  My sister has pro skillage at basketball, unlike me

                                                     I tried to do a Lacoste-esque ad.

                                           PRAISE THE LORD SHES IN THE ZONEEE!!
                                                           I decided to do some ballet, to show I'm not a complete fail

                                 This picture was suppose to be a heel click a la Oliver. Didn't really work out

I hope everyone had a fantabulous day




Yes!!! I succesfully DIY'd an american apparel circle scarf. Its easy to do just follow these steps:
1.One cut a hole in the box......... aahhhh nawww i'm just joshin. I hope someone knows where i was going with that one...

Ok so Basically how I did it was take a scarf and safety pin it into a circle. Don't worry it may sound hard, but lots of practice will make it seem easy ;)



Hello all, :) I hope everyone has had a good week. My week has been super stressful, I had a major project due and spent pretty much all week on that and I had a math test on top of that.
Ok so anyways....back to the blog....These photos were for my friends photo project. The theme was supposed to be conformity and non conformity. "Non Conformists" are basically people who don't care about trends/what anyone else thinks. They turned out pretty well!

Please do not use ANY of these photos!!! They aren't mine!


                                                  wohooo!! Non conformity!!



London Fashion Week

I love the neck piece, very Elizabeth the First

Love the orange and pink together! soooooo awesome

Ok I know London fashion week was a while ago, but I've just Discovered these pictures. The ones below are from Luella Spring/Summer 09. I want a veil now. The colours are so fresh and the designs are stunning. The neutral/cream ones are Ralph Lauren and the brightly coloured ones are a designer called Ashish. They're soo fun I love the pompoms!!