Beautiful people

Ok so for those of you who haven't heard of this show....you should all be shot.
Jokes Jokes
But seriously
This is basically the STORY OF MY LIFE.
As most of you probably don't know I am obsessed with musicals/broadway/anything to do with singing and dancing. Well this show is like having your cake and eating it too 9don't care how lame that sounds bt dubs) 
Anyways basically the show is about a bloke name Simon Doonan who is a window dresser for Barneys New York. As he decorates the windows he looks back on his life as a slightly fey schoolboy in Reading England. It was here where he and his best friend Kylie (after Kylie Mingnoue, his real name is Kyle) dream of moving to London and living amongst the beautiful people.
So this episode is when Simon and Kylie are off to audition for their school musical, Joseph and the technicolour dream coat but decide to put on a bit of a show before hand. 

Enjoy. Makes me smile every time :)



  1. Yeah, I'm totally right with you. I'm not tired to see it, it's been the 100th time that i see it :)
    It looks like to be a great show ! I like the video.
    And by the way, sorry if my english is not good, i'm from france and I try to speak a lot english. x

  2. about beautiful people, have you seen how jamie bell (billy eliot) became? he is so cute!
    i'm a big fan of that movie.

  3. Diane : Omg seriously!! I 've seen it like a 100 times too! Best show ever. I can only watch it on youtube though cause I don't live in England: haha no no your english is really good. Mon fran├žais est assez mauvais lol :)

    Iris: Billy Elliot = Love
    Have you seen the musical. One of the kids in the video played Billy on the West End.
    Ya Jamie Bell is all grown up now. Still cute though :)

  4. Ahah, yeah, the best show ever ! Oh no no, your french is good, well, this sentence was good :)
    I add you on my links ! x

  5. thanks! I added you too :)

  6. Yeah, i just see it, thank you so much ! By the way, i add a post on my blog ! I hope I can see a new one soon on your blog :D