Tra la la la la springs in the air.....and I'm a flower with nothing interesting to say

Ok, so this is quite the post so be prepared! Whoever reads the whole thing gets a cookie!
Ok so, monday I had no school, so my chums and I went down to this little market called Londsdale Quay and browsed/ate. It rained so much that day so we got quite wet. Tuesday, my friend Taylor go back from his university experience thing in ontario so we chatted about that in the library. School was tres boring that day, and right after school I had dance, which was verryy tiring. We are doing a dance to a Counting Crows song called Big Yellow Taxi. Today, i also unfortunatly went to school and watched film in French with no subtitles called Bach et Bottine. Twas very very odd. Then my sister and I had a photo shoot and I went to ballet.

                                              these are some of the beautiful flowers in my garden

                        Everything I'm wearing belongs to my sister Eireann, except for the pearls 
                                   The shirt is from H+M and the shorts are from the Gap. Exciting I know.

                                                                  My sister has pro skillage at basketball, unlike me

                                                     I tried to do a Lacoste-esque ad.

                                           PRAISE THE LORD SHES IN THE ZONEEE!!
                                                           I decided to do some ballet, to show I'm not a complete fail

                                 This picture was suppose to be a heel click a la Oliver. Didn't really work out

I hope everyone had a fantabulous day



  1. are you guys twins? if not you look exactly alike. im a twin , haha. anyways I love these photos! :)


  2. I finished, cookie? I did ballet one year, but I didn't quite understand the concept of graceful. The photography is really cool in these pictures!

  3. Fantabulous post and pics!


  4. cool pictures!

    thanks for your comment too!


  5. Nice flowers and nice outfits !

  6. Your garden is lovely.
    And the rest of your pictures are just terribly fun.


  7. I love the simple shirt-shorts combination! The ballet pictures and the basketball pictures are super cool.

  8. Love your outfit, it's nice and simple. x

  9. neat action shots! I totally fail at basketball. In elementary school we had an obsticle course where you couldn't move on until you made a basket and everybody double lapped me, and i had to lie and say i made it...

  10. Re your comment: I take my pictures using a tripod and self-timer. I wish there were two of me so I could be behind the camera and in front of it.