Beautiful people

Ok so for those of you who haven't heard of this show....you should all be shot.
Jokes Jokes
But seriously
This is basically the STORY OF MY LIFE.
As most of you probably don't know I am obsessed with musicals/broadway/anything to do with singing and dancing. Well this show is like having your cake and eating it too 9don't care how lame that sounds bt dubs) 
Anyways basically the show is about a bloke name Simon Doonan who is a window dresser for Barneys New York. As he decorates the windows he looks back on his life as a slightly fey schoolboy in Reading England. It was here where he and his best friend Kylie (after Kylie Mingnoue, his real name is Kyle) dream of moving to London and living amongst the beautiful people.
So this episode is when Simon and Kylie are off to audition for their school musical, Joseph and the technicolour dream coat but decide to put on a bit of a show before hand. 

Enjoy. Makes me smile every time :)



Sync in progress

 Bonjour mes amis

No I am not french, but I thought I would thrill you with the little bit of french I am forced to learn in french class. Est-ce que tu parle francais?

Anyways.......Nothing much happened today. On the weekend however, I FOUND THE SHORTS I HAVE BEEN WANTING AT URBAN OUTFITTERS!! WOOOT
The whole time I was in the store I was looking for theses shorts but couldn't find them. So I was about to leave the store empty handed when I saw them out of the corner of my eye! I was tres tres happy. My friends however were not to pleased. This meant I would have to go try them on and wait in 30 minute line up to try on one pair of shorts. Originally I was going to just pull them over me jeans but there was a scary salesgirl with a tongue ring staring me down so I opted for the change room.  


OMG Shoes

Oh. my. goodness

I need these shoes.
Right now
They are the new Nike Liberty floral print dunks. Liberty is a clothing company based in London that is over 100 years old. They have some beautiful floral print dresses.
Well anyways I thought I'd share my wanting of those fabulous shoes.
See you then



I wrote a song for you

 Yay new grabs from H&M!!
I found this lovely cadet blue dress in the midst of tshirts and blazers. I like the simplicity. My sister said I look like Laura Ingalls. I'll take that as a complement :) The little house on the prairie used to be my favourite  books!! Actually I used to be quite obsessed with that era, I used to pretend I lives in a small log cabin and  wore long flannel dresses with petticoats and bloomers.

As for the tights, there are no words. <3 

Oh, yah I saw seventeen again on saturday. Wasn't too bad considering the only reason my friends and I went was  because of Zac Efron's beautiful tan skin and gorgeous blue eyes. Don't even get me started on his hair.


Look how they shine for you

Lets face it the acting sucks...but why do they all have to be so pretty?
darn you Chase Crawford.... you know we love you


Queen Emma

Romeo (leonard whiting) and Zac-------->twins?

Ok, haven't posted for a while. Blogging is hard work!
Heres a summary of my week up until this very moment in time
Monday I went to school, came home and watched gossip girl (yes i know its a terrible show, but I can not resist the beautiful clothing) Eric Daman = God
Tuesday I went to school, went to dance (modern) and cam home and did homework (I know know very exciting)
Wednesday I went to my friends house and we did a photo shoot at her house
Thursday watched romeo and juliet in Myth class. It was ok, quite sad, but the things that kept me watching were  a) how much romeo looked like zac efron  b)the weird fake tans everyone in the movie had and c) the two toned tights that every single guy in the movie wore
And today, I have no school so off to Urban Outfitters I go!!


mmmmmmmh.....Tonight was fun. I went over to my friends house to do a photo shoot for her photo project and the theme was conformity and non conformity. Twas quite fun. I'll post pictures once I get them for they're on her camera.

heres what I wore 




Chanel Spring Couture 2009

*struggles to breathe from amazement*

Oh yes and the first picture (my fave) is of Julia Frakes of the blog Bunny Bisous!



Let my people go!



Ok, so who didn't eat these babies sometime this weekend? I sure did
My weekend was pretty awesom
e, I chilled with peeps, went to a passover seder, and ate way to much chocolate.
Well also since for all those jews out there (woot) it was also passover and this meant eating matzah (mmmm cardboard) and watching the ten commandments on tv. I actually watched the prince of egypt because the 10 commandments it a tad long (only 4 hours). Matzah is however quite good with a little peanut butter

Well anyways this is what I wore today. pce out homedogs



Men in skirts

hmmmm.. not sure what I think of this. I love Ed though <3 
Happy Easter/Passover!


I've got sunshine

Ok haven't posted for a while.
Well my week has been goodish. Nothing too interesting has happened, except its been 15 Degrees almost every day!!
I wore this outfit to school, I got the Bob Marly T-shirt at this random music museum thing. I really like the colour of this skirt.


Flights of Fancy

These photos are from the September issue of Vogue. The dresses are gorgeous, but the reason I like the photos are because of the three boys. They are the broadway Billy Elliot's, which is my all time favourite musical and movie. If you have not seen it please rent it or go see the musical. I am going to see the musical for the second time in August when I go to New York (yayyyyyy!!!!!!!). I saw it for the first tim in London in 2005 and fell in love.

Pictured: models and Trent Kowalik, Kiril Kulish, and David Alvarez.


Today it snowed in April

 Ok so today was Wednesday, so that means my school starts at 9:50, which is nice because i ge to sleep in. So I  wake up at about 8:15, go into the bathroom and casually look out the window. 
It was snowing
In April.
When does it ever snow in April
So that kind of ruined my morning. I had to wear my rainboots instead of my flats to school:(
This dress I got during spring break and I absolutely love it!! It reminds me of my ballet costumes I wear for recitals. Well anyways this is what I wore today.

cardigan - OU

Dress - American Apparel

Rope Belt - American Apparel

Red tank - Aritzia

Tights - H+M