Little J

Taylor Momsen on the September issue cover of Teen Vogue which debuts on August 4th!! so excited!

I think she looks great in the shoot and most of the time in real life she's got great style, but in some of the interviews I've read on teen vogue she sounds quite arrogant/snobby. This could be the magazine playing it up but she makes herself seem like she's too good for everyone else.



  1. the shoot is very fun, very little J. but I've read some of the interview quotes and she's very arrogant haha

  2. she always did come off a bit haughty. But her style is fantastic. Never boring.

  3. so funny shoot! I like the outfit. x

  4. Wow, wow, wow! Those pictures look amazing. HOW is she only 15/16? Such a shame she comes off snobby though..it happens to all teen stars I think. I'm enjoying your blog :)

    Eve Janine

  5. I adore her! and I cannot wait for the new season !!

  6. YES! MINE JUST CAME IN THE MAIL! *Silent rejoice*

    I think that she has great style. Thank god they put her on the cover and not say, um, other teenage stars... (Still bitter about the whole miley/selena fiasco. Seriously? Disney?)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm so excited for this issue! everyday I wait for the mail hoping it will be there....august 4th though, eh? =(
    and yes, from what I've read of the interview, she sounds like a little bitch. But whatever, it's a nice change for Teen Vogue.
    The fashion isn't really my favourite though, and the hair & makeup doesn't really fit in. There's something really strange about it together, especially the khaki pieces.

  8. Oh, I already got it in the mail. She does sound a tad snobby in this interview, but the pictures are nice.