I'm Harry Potter school is for losers..

Haiii y'all
ok well finally I have something to post! Yay
I saw Harry Potter on wednesday and it was kind of AMAZING
really though, so different from the other movies, but in many ways better. I do miss Daniel Radcliffe's long hair though..
Well as I strolled on in to AA I came across a large amount of new PRINTS at american apparel! Say What?!?
Yes it is true, they are slowly moving way from their "basic non-graphic print" clothing, which is fine by me because I picked up an amazing pair of "splattered" leggings.

wearing: leggings - aa, cardi - hangers, shoes - keds, bag - coach, tank - aa 

hdsajdhsa I am holding my lunch in a tupperware container in the above photo...classy


Oh ya, i just realized that there are 27 days until i go to NEW YORK ahhh!!!!
and get to see this:

ok ok i'll go now


  1. HP was awesome, I finally saw it again (not at midnight, bad bad decision haha) and it was so much better!

    love your leggings, great pattern

    I'd love to see billy elliott...

  2. cute leggings can't wait to see HP on tuesday aaaah ;)
    nicky x

  3. I loved HP, too :)

    Those leggings are so awesome! I love the splatter.

  4. ahhh New York - JEALOUS! Best city I've ever ever ever been to. Nice leggings!

    nicola xx


  5. HP... waiting for it to come out on dvd - don't want anyone munching on popcorn or slurping coke to spoil the whole thing ;)

  6. Love the leggings, and the Keds are perfect with the outfit. I haven't seen HP yet, I'll probably see it tomorrow. I agree about Daniel Radcliffe's hair, I hate how it's always so short in the movies.

  7. Haha, well I've never been a HP fan, so I can't comment on that! But I can say that your leggings are AWESOME! They're so fun and refreshing!

    Aww, thanks for the comment! (Happy Canada's day too! - belated!)

  8. Love those leggings! And only 157 days until I move to New York and can buy American Apparel for cheap!

  9. yeah the leggings are awesome!!