Hello everyone :) sorry for the random hiatus, hopefully won't be happening often and I really appreciate all of the nice comments. This weekend I went to the fireworks which was quite fun with a few of my friends. They were quite rowdy and I was kind of fearing for my life on the bus ride home mainly due to the large amount of intoxicated teenagers but no matter. Then yesterday I went to the pride parade downtown which was a lot of fun! The costumes were great and I think everyone should go to at least one in their life. We also did some shopping after and I bought some sunglasses and a tee shirt from urban outfitters. Heres some photos from the parade!

I had to laugh at this

best float of of the day

really bad quality, but this is me and eireann (twin) in our fave vintage store

dress - urban outfitters



  1. looks like you had lots of fun! great pictures!
    the dress you got is absolutely adorable! love!

  2. i love your dress! great pictures.

    thank you!

  3. that looks like a lot of fun :)

  4. Great pictures! Sounds like a good time :)

  5. haha i love those pictures! and your dress :) btw would you like to be on my blogroll?

  6. I like your dress. Seattle has a pretty cool pride parade. Though it isn't really a parade and more of a nude bike ride with "body paint"... but that's just how we are...

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