shirt i got for my twin for her/our bday :) thank you josie from scm for the idea!! :)

urban outfitters kimchi + blue floral dress

Ok so yesterday was my birthday, and there is someone I'd like you all to meet 
this is my very good friend Nikon D70s. He will be helping me out with my blog a lot, consider him my new partner. However, you probably won't see many more pictures of him, but his "presence" will always be felt with every photo posted.

Ok so anyways ya, new camera! ! love it so much. Today I just chilled with the fam and then later we went to watch fireworks which were intense. Not only were they amazing but there was a thunder storm going on before and during the fireworks so the sky was like on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee:

que pictures of the fireworks:

mmmmmmmm red velvet cake/cupcakes :)



  1. oh, happy birthday!
    the cupcakes look absolutely delicious and the teeshirt is most bodacious. hope you had a loverly day!

  2. happy birthday! red velvet cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate it! yum!

    those photos are gorgeous, such a strong rich orange

    and I NEED that hilarious t-shirt

    thanks for the lovely comment (:
    your photos are beautiful!

  4. I. Want. That. T-shirt.
    Being Harry Potter obsessed and all
    It would be mine

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wait - is this your sweet 16? Nonethless, happy birthday! And your a TWIN? That is amazing! The dress is so cute on you! And I loveeee your pictures - fireworks looks like fun times!

    Thanks for the comment !

  6. Happy Birthday...I love red velvet.

  7. yay for the Nikon and Happy Birthday!!! :)

  8. my GOD that shirt is epic! happy birthday! Getting a SLR camera will change your life. Seriously.

  9. Happy Birthday!! That shirt is amazing. I also am not a muggle x]
    That camera is AWESOME. I'm seriously jealous.
    Those fireworks are gorgeous. Sweet pictures.

  10. Happy birthday!!! I adore that dress. It's so perfect for summer--light with nice details. I'm so glad you got a nice camera--it's amazing how much a difference a better camera makes.

  11. love your dress and the cupcakes obvs ;)

  12. Happy Birthday! :D
    What a great camera, I look forward to seeing all of the fabulous photos you take with it :)
    Such a cute dress too!

    And to answer your question, I use a Sony DSC-H5 to take my photos, which is nothing compared to your awesome Nikon SLR haha :p

    Harry Potter was great too! Seriously sad though :(

  13. happy birthday to you and your twin =)
    aaaaa i want that shirt hahaha so funny lol
    xD i always want DSLR though. =(
    you'll take great pictures, yeah..