Hello all :)
hurrah hurrah! Exams are over!!! Thank you goddd
Now I can just come home and be like, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Heres my list for things I want to do/am doing this summer:

- go to urban outfitters for a long awaited summer shopping sesh
- go on facebook less
- find ways to improve my blog
- get my haircut short (I'm thinking like alexa chung?)
- New York (August 13th yooo)
- go to TopShop
- go to the beach
- spend a day doing something creative
- buy passion tea lemonade from starbucks and make it at home
- watch breakfast at tiffany's
- see Billy Elliot the musical (In New York!!!!)
- try a DIY 

I'm so happy that summer is finally here!! I had my dance show this weekend, so here are some pictures :) 

                    me and my two sisters :) 
me and Eireann in our musical theatre costumes :) (like the lips?)

wearing : h=m tights, aritzia tee, american apparel skirt, dad's old belt
In the city of blinding lights

And we frolicked about in our summer skin




  1. Stumbled on your blog - great post. I totally know what you mean about exams being over! Well, I finished like a week ago, and it's such a great feeling! Great to-do list.. I think I'm going to steal the ones about doing a DIY, being creative for a day, and watching breakfast at tiffany's! haha thanks for the ideas :)

    Check out my brand new blog?

  2. lovely post! i like your panty and the pullover in the picture with your sisters :). i wish i could go to topshop too :(. xoxo

  3. yeah, I love that movie too, also I love Pretty in pink.
    You're so lucky to go in New york ! I'm envious.
    I love your tights ! You'll do amazing things this summer !
    Yeah, why not for the haircut ! Several things that I'm going to do too : watch breakfast at tiffany's, go to topshop, go to the beach... x

  4. Great post, love all the images! You and your sister are gorgeous! And congratulations on getting done with the school year, the summer's officially begun :o).

  5. i really like the aa skirt! i have been loking for one like that for a while.


  6. Good luck getting your hair cut short! A lot more people can pull it off than seem to think so. Just be confident =)

  7. i've linked you :)

  8. Your dance show was a permormace or something? :)
    And have a lot of fun in NY. :D

  9. thank you for freaking out over my shirt.. it really made my day :)
    those sound like fantastic summer goals!

  10. I absolutley love those floral tights!
    amazing blog, i admire your love, love posts!

  11. The hair is so sleek & nice :D Love the floral tights too!

  12. Hey, this is exciting a canadian fashion blogger, i definitely want to find more. :) love your tights. xo

  13. Yay, link buddies ! :) thanks for your comment.
    I just had a major realization
    1. I think I have those tights
    2. We're both 15
    3. We're both Canadian
    GO US


  14. Plans is totally my summer soundtrack! I love that song. Also, I adore your tights and am incredibly jealous of your trip to New York. Have fun!