Hello Hello Helloo
Oh it has been a joyous week, I've had 3 exams, so fun!
Ok well anyways I haven't been able to go on the computer much, because my parental units insist I not go on to the computer until my exams are over, which I suppose may be a good idea, but its tres difficile. I would miss all of my lovely readers too much :(
So this week has been actually really fun despite the exams. I have had dance rehearsals all week and I've hung out with the same group of friends for basically the whole week "studying" which has been super fun.

                                                                             Hurrah Hurrah! My pool has finally been opened!!!!
        Heres a scarf I wore on Monday. I love it, its perfection for the summer. Sorry there aren't             any full outfit posts of me lately. Its hard to find time to take them! especially when                         you're with friends/have no good place to take them. But they shall arrive soon!!
                                                                                                                             Je parle francais, et toi?

               hehehehe we went to my friends house before our social studies exam and she made us breakfast :). mmmmmmm yummy poptarts
Hahahahah ohhh man best picture of lifee. Unfortunately I could not be in these shots, for I was the photographer. Thats my twin in the middle (obvs). Oh, yah I decided to get a Canon Rebel XS, thanks you guys who put in your opinions :)

                                                                                                     random bracelets I was wearing........

                                                                                                                 Woot raybannnnnnnnnnsssss
                                                                      shaken passion ice tea with lemonade = summer
Sigh....back to studying

Hope you all had a great week!! 


Queen Emma


  1. thank you for your comment! i am in love with all these photos! :)

  2. these are great photos! lucky your getting the canon rebel!


  3. I love that scarf! The jumping into the pool pictures are really epic, too. Good luck with the rest of your studying :)

  4. thanks for the ever-so lovely comment you left months ago honey, and sorry it took me so long to reply!
    love these photos, the raybans are gorgeous, as is your scarf! :)

  5. gorgeous photographs :)
    i wish i had a swimming pool, oh my goodness gracious! lucky lucky lucky.
    and them raybans are awsm :D
    thank you for your comments!
    x x x x x x

  6. i love those flowery glasses! haha. and yes, that is a canon rebel XSI. it's a really great camera with great quality if you're thinking of buying it (: