chasing pavements

Ok, so I pretty much love Adele, and guess what?
Well Adele is featured this month in NYLON magazine which is double cool with knobs. For those of you who don't know what nylon is, it is an ultra fab magazine that I suggest you go out and buy right now.

Her first album cover

Ok oh yah here is a random video of of nylon dot com featuring Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire. My love for that movie would not be able to fit on this page, so I'll just let you watch the video :)



  1. omge :)
    I so just bought that NYLON issue yesterday I love the little boots pictures ;)
    haha :D
    lots of love,
    nicky x x xx

  2. p.s. show me how to put the lookbook badge in your sidebar?
    I screwed it up ;)

  3. I love Adele her voice is beautiful !!!

  4. i love these photos of adele! i havent really heard her music but i know she won a grammy.


  5. her voice is wondorous, and photographs so so well. how evpic was this issue of nylon? i mean karen o on the cover IN RODARTE, i almost had a heart attack from epicness overload

  6. I was so very happy to see her in this issue!!! She's the first real artist in a long time, famous because she can actually sing, and incredibly well at that! She's gorgeous to boot, too. So flippin' cool!