My mom says i'm cool....

Ok well I was tagged by the lovely cityhippster so heres 10 random things about me

1. I love to dance. I do about 4 hours of dance a week, not as much as a lot of people at my studio but hey i need a social life! I love every form of dance, modern, ballet, j
azz, tap, street etc. if I didn't dance my life would be incomplete.

2. I spend way to much money on food, particularly at starbucks.

3. I am a straight up theatre buff. I love anything to do with musicals, soundtracks and broadway. They are simply wonderful. I wish life was actually like that. Some of my favourites are Billy Elliot (Which I'm seeing in August, Holla!), Mamma Mia, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, West Side Story, Jersey Boys, Annie, etc.

4. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a Canon Rebel or a Nikon. Opinions anyone?
5. I have a twin, who doesn't have a blog but reads mine (HAII SUPP IF YOU ARE READING). She's my best friend and we like pretty much the same things. Thats her in the hat, I'm on the left :) Love you!!

6. I'm going to New York in the summer for 2 weeks AND I'M SOOO EXCITED

7. Nylon Magazine is the coolest thing since canned peas

8. I have a slight obsession with fashion blogs as if you didn't notice. Some of my favourites are on my sidebar. Others are yet to be discovered.

9. My favourite movies are Billy Elliot, Slumdog Millionaire and Love Actually. Some other favourites are I am Sam, Forest Gump, Clueless, and Freedom Writers.

10. I have yet to read Harry Potter 7.

I tag Mary, indigotangerine, and Nicky :)


  1. i love the facts you posted! hurray for twins!haha. and i was also debating on getting canon rebel to a simpler nikon. (nikon coolpix p90) i got the nikon as i have written on my blog. you can see the pics i took with it in other posts on my blog!

  2. What?!? How can you not have read HP 7? You should do that. And, also, I'm so envious that you're going to New York! I've never been.

    I have a Canon Rebel and absolutely love it, so I would suggest that.

  3. I never read the last HP either. Interest really flizzled out after the 3rd for me...
    I recommend the Canon--my Canon Rebel is my second Canon camera and I can't say anything bad about them!

  4. a tag! for us! we'll try to get to it, probably after i get back from hawaii. I know everyone must tell you this, but it's so cool that you are a twin. Love actually and Billy Elliot=looooove, but what? what? you didn't read HP7???? sacreligious!

  5. just found your blog, and i love it!

    Love Actually = classic movie love :)