Ahhhh.. Another lovely adventure with my chums around North Vancouver. One of my closest friends lives on top of a mountain (actually) and we spent a friday trekking our way to the candy store, watching bride wars (interesting...), eating more pizza than we should, and watching britains got talent on youtube. Alas the camera i am holding does not belong to me but to my friend oh ya and the girl who looks a lot like me but isn't is my twin. 
My outfit isn't very exciting in this post. The top is from UO, the jeans are mavi and the shades are from H&M.

Hope you all had a nice day!!

Queen Emma


  1. I want candy! Gess what? It's snack time! lol

  2. Candy! That sounds like fun. I love your top.

  3. Hey Emma!
    grr, that candy in the first two pictures is making me hungry :D
    pass an e-mail my way some time lipsoflondon@yahoo.co.uk
    lots of love,
    nicky x x

  4. yummmmmy candy. i do wish i lived in a metropolitan area so that i could actually WALK places (seriously, if i tried walking anywhere not only would it take half the day but i'd probably face the danger of being run over the entire time)

    looks like a fun day!

  5. mmmm. candy! i totally forgot about the tubes of mini m&ms. I remember they were super popular when i was about five. and gummy candy is always good. I really really want an SLR camera. my point and shoot makes me angry.

  6. yum. mini m&m's are soooo delicious!

  7. Sounds like a really fun day! And I'm craving some candy now :)