Look how they shine for you

Lets face it the acting sucks...but why do they all have to be so pretty?
darn you Chase Crawford.... you know we love you


Queen Emma

Romeo (leonard whiting) and Zac-------->twins?

Ok, haven't posted for a while. Blogging is hard work!
Heres a summary of my week up until this very moment in time
Monday I went to school, came home and watched gossip girl (yes i know its a terrible show, but I can not resist the beautiful clothing) Eric Daman = God
Tuesday I went to school, went to dance (modern) and cam home and did homework (I know know very exciting)
Wednesday I went to my friends house and we did a photo shoot at her house
Thursday watched romeo and juliet in Myth class. It was ok, quite sad, but the things that kept me watching were  a) how much romeo looked like zac efron  b)the weird fake tans everyone in the movie had and c) the two toned tights that every single guy in the movie wore
And today, I have no school so off to Urban Outfitters I go!!


  1. wow, zac looks like so much at Leonard !
    you're lucky to go to Urban Outfitters.
    nice post, x

  2. i want to drink a starbucks now, ahah. x

  3. yeah I want a starbucks too!
    I love gossip girl! the actors have so much style in the series!
    I agree with diane, zac looks a lot like Leonard.
    Thanx for your comment! hope you have a great weekend.
    step by whenever you want,
    xoxo I.
    ps: nice shorts