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 Bonjour mes amis

No I am not french, but I thought I would thrill you with the little bit of french I am forced to learn in french class. Est-ce que tu parle francais?

Anyways.......Nothing much happened today. On the weekend however, I FOUND THE SHORTS I HAVE BEEN WANTING AT URBAN OUTFITTERS!! WOOOT
The whole time I was in the store I was looking for theses shorts but couldn't find them. So I was about to leave the store empty handed when I saw them out of the corner of my eye! I was tres tres happy. My friends however were not to pleased. This meant I would have to go try them on and wait in 30 minute line up to try on one pair of shorts. Originally I was going to just pull them over me jeans but there was a scary salesgirl with a tongue ring staring me down so I opted for the change room.  


  1. Comment vas tu ? ;)
    love your short on the first image !
    You ask me how old I was , well I'm actually 12 years old !

  2. Ca va bien merci :)
    Désolé mon français est assez mauvais lol
    Where do you live in france? I've been to Marsaille it was very pretty
    cool, I'm 14

  3. i love your outfit! those shorts are amazing! :)