I wrote a song for you

 Yay new grabs from H&M!!
I found this lovely cadet blue dress in the midst of tshirts and blazers. I like the simplicity. My sister said I look like Laura Ingalls. I'll take that as a complement :) The little house on the prairie used to be my favourite  books!! Actually I used to be quite obsessed with that era, I used to pretend I lives in a small log cabin and  wore long flannel dresses with petticoats and bloomers.

As for the tights, there are no words. <3 

Oh, yah I saw seventeen again on saturday. Wasn't too bad considering the only reason my friends and I went was  because of Zac Efron's beautiful tan skin and gorgeous blue eyes. Don't even get me started on his hair.


  1. I just love your outfits ! You look great !

  2. mercii :)
    your blog is great xox