A lack of colour

Ahh woah I haven't blogged in a while!
I hope everyone had a good halloween and that no one has as much homework as me right now. I basically have no life.
Anyways, here are some photos
fireworks on halloween
me and taylor and sofiya, I dressed up as a hippy. I know SO ORIGINAL. I have to think of a really good costume for next year..
Halloween cupcakes my sister and I made. Well, I cracked the eggs at least.

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the new love of my life. Her name is Millie and we adopted her last week. Isn't she cute!
I had to go out and take some photos around my school campus for photography and I got some (hopefully) really good shots. It was around 11 in the morning and the lighting was so pretty in the forest, everything looked so magical.
^I felt like I was in where the wild things are
I promise I'll try to blog more, I've got a couple posts lined up. Are any of you guys dealing with a lot of homework right now?

Love Emma


  1. Don't worry about the lack of posting. I've been busy with field hockey and homework! Anwyays, I love all your photos. The fall colours look amazing. But have you been getting CRAZY weather where you live? It's been hailing here!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Your photos are lovely darling. I adore the one of the forest, so magical and filled with mystery. Your cupcakes look so tasty, good work! I made some the other day but forgot to take pictures unfortunately!
    Oh and the new addition to your family is so so cute. xo

  3. What a cute kitty! And I'm so jealous that you live in a place that has actual seasons; those trees look beautiful.

  4. man I'm basically swamped with coursework - I feel for you! :)
    cute cat - I miss mine right now...


  5. 1. Your kitty is utterly, iresistably cute (and the colors go with your halloween post!)
    2.I am drowning in homework too. luckily we get tuesday and wendsday off this week!
    3. I finally saw where the wild things are. And it was incredible. Jaw droppingly beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking.

  6. awww your cat is so cute! i don't normally like cats but i do like tortoiseshell ones.