oh the The girl from i am sam??

Dakota Fanning on the December/January cover of Teen Vogue!!! I have been waiting for this!! I don't know if you guys remember but in this previous post I said that I would love to see Dakota on the cover as opposed to Taylor Lautner (sorry ladies)

Although I don't completely LOVE the editorial, I admire the fact that she looks her age (15) and the choice of shoes. I'm looking forward to reading this issue!

Oh and 5 weeks till Christmas break!! wooot!




  1. i was about to post this too! I'M A MEGA FAN OF DAKOTA FANNING! her poses are pretty good dont you agree?

  2. I LOVE HER!
    She's so pretty!
    and i love her shoes in the 3rd picture!!

    love annie xx

  3. i still am slightly confused as to how to view dakota, she used to be all cute and now she's little miss high fashion hmm

  4. wowww,these photos look so amazing !! She is really growing up now and she's gorgeous <3

  5. Thank you Emma - your comments always mean alot to me. :)
    You are right, too, I have alot going for me so it's best to stay positive! I need to look ahead and focus on the good stuff, like Christmas. Only 5 weeks! Oh my!

    Oh and I totally agree with you - Dakota over Taylor any day. I can't wait to see her in New Moon!

  6. she's 15? i'll still think of her as a little kid! haha