school is cool

School is now in sesh and the boringness begins. On the plus side I am taking photography at school so I'm hoping it'll be a fun class. Also I have heard that for October's Teen Vogue issue, which is the young hollywood issue, Taylor Lautner is going to be on the cover. Dear God. I do admit he is good looking but Teen Vogue?? Now all they need to do is put Rob on the cover and they've covered the the whole twilight crew. Someone I'd like to see on the cover would be Dakota Fanning. How about you guys?

these are some photos of my jewelry I thought I'd post

just dismiss my facial expressions on these....

wearing: Topshop pullover, Lucky brand boyfriend jeans, 
On a more serious note, this day will always be remembered at the day when the world truly saw evil, for those who perished in 9/11, lest we forget



  1. wow love the cuffed jeans

  2. love the outfit! i know i was so dissapointed when i saw all the great young actors and such and they chose taylor lautner out of all of them!

  3. I love that sweatshirt! Yeah, the October Teen Vogue was really a bit pathetic.

  4. Love the photos, looks like a photography course is perfect for you! Dakota Fanning on the cover would be good, I'm sure we can expect it in the next year...

  5. i agree with you - dakota fanning would have made a much better cover for TV! she has really grown up!

  6. i love your jewelry, it's colorfull!yee

    funny pics and I have a frind that is always doing "that L " soo funny!!

    let's check my blog during milan fashion week I'll post streetstyle's photos!!!


  7. I love the way you keep your jewelry - it almost looks like a room decoration, but it's actually your bright colorful baubles. So much more fun than a typical jewelry box! :)