New York: part 2

Here are some awesomo photos from my second day in New York!

I love these sunglasses

waiting for the ferry

amazing cupcake store in the chelsea market. If there is one thing that New York isn't short of its cupcakes.

My sister Eireann with our swag from TopShop

SoHo!! Such a cool area that I would like to live in when I'm older

Sailor I saw on the Staten Island Ferry
And may I remind you it does not say RSVP on the statue of Liberty


me sitting in starbucks... That day I was wearing a shirt from H+M, levi shorts from Urban Outfitters, vintage sunglasses and a necklace from Anthropologie

So school has started again, which I'm kind of excited about but also dreading. I'm really excited to start photography and I actually have a few classes with friends which doesn't happen often. Also does anyone watch that new show Glee? Its so awesome, its like my ideal show. Its on tomorrow (Wednesday) so make sure you check it out!



  1. i love the shot of the peppers

  2. all of that looks so fun! I love the picture of the sailor. ahhhhh those pictures of SoHo make me want to move immediatley!!!!

    and I've heard of NYLON and it sounds amazing but I've never actually seen one before in person lol. I'll definatley keep looking though!

  3. i kno isn't new york great! i wish I lived there.... but my mom has and i don't think she would wanna live back there anytime soooooon......


  4. I love Glee (or the first episode anyway)
    jealous of your topshop visit. your whole trip looks so fun! i really like the first pepper picture, great composition.

  5. Haha, I was just watching Clueless a few days ago. Nice quote! New York looks so lovely...

  6. Ah, the color saturation and hellloooo sailor!!

  7. great pictures. NY is awesome!