NYC :Part 1

Ok so these pictures pretty much sum up my first day in New York. The first thing we did was have breakfast at a lovely french cafe

Then we made our way down the street to the Museum of Modern Art which was pretty coool (dress from urban outfitters)

Then we made our way over to central park, which I loved. You could sit there and people watch for hours. 

Then after walking for about 45 minutes in the heat through the Upper East Side (Gossip Girl!!) We finally reached Dylan's Candy Bar, which was created by Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan Lauren. I must say it was definitely worth the walk. Every single kind of candy you could think of plus more. Did I mention there were 3 floors?

ahahahaha these kids were trying to take the money from the band that was playing. they got very upset when their mothers dragged them away.
Times square was so amazing. probably my favourite spot in NYC.

more photos to come!



  1. ah, NYC is a truly beautiful place. i'm so thankful to live close enough to make a day trip!

  2. this looks so fun!

  3. NYC is amazing,
    it's one of our favorite places.

    -N + K