Still figuring this out

This is me. I was really bored. I had a dance show that day and was just at home. The shirt is from my fathers closet, the leggings and belt are from american apparel, and the pearls are my moms old.  My mom has this old box of jewellery from like the 80's that she never wears so sometimes I look through it and raid it. I've found many cool things.


                                                  The sunset is quite beautiful on a sunny day


   this is me in Hawaii. i got those sweet shades for $5!! woot. I was there from Dec 21st to      January 4th. it was pretty awesome. Sunny everyday and i wore t-shirts shorts and dresses all week long

 So ya I pretty much live in the most beautiful place in the world...when its sunny at least


Finally the sun came out and my twin and i could have another random photo shoot. Ahrg I desperately want to go vintage shopping but my money always seems to get spent on things such as starbucks.....mmmh oat fudge bars.


Everyday i go to school and see another stupid girl with a fake tan. Do thy not realize how unnatural it looks? I have to settle with being pale I guess. i took this photo with my self timer outside on my deck :)


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