Well today it rained. Not so unusual for north vancouver. it was a grey grey day. kind of              depressing but also beautiful. School was quite boring but I have a short week woot! 

     This is what I wore today. Pretty basic. I love the skirt and the tights. The shirt and the                    cardigan are pretty basic, but good for completing looks.

 The necklace used to be my moms. My dad gave it to her when they started dating so its at least 20 years old. I wear it pretty much every day. Its real gold with a real diamond.

                                                            belt - urban outfitters
                                                          t shirt - american apparel
                                                                 skirt - billabong 
                                                             cardigan - banana republic
                                                                   tights - unknown
                                                         heart necklace- moms old, Birks

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