Ah the outfit. The sweater is from h+m and it has a picture of two monsters holding hands on it. The jeans are my sisters from american eagle or somthing. The shoes are keds which I've had forever. I got the sunglasses for 5 bucks at a flea market.

I started to get really into oversize sweaters. They are just so darn comfy. I need to got get some more.Some vintage ones would be nice. Ahhh today i went tot the  Junos which are like the Canadian version of the grammys and we had killer seats. Security is so harsh at those events though they won't even lets you stand next to the gate thats like 20 feet away from the red carpet unless you have a special ticket. This security lady was staring at me and my friends so i gave her a dirty look on the way out.

I love spring but I love summer even more. I love wearing dresses without tights, being able to go outside without a jacket or a sweater, the lightness till 9:00 and no school. Only 60 something days left of school wooot!!

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