Oxford Comma

yoyoyo yigitty yo
The title of this post is refrence to one of my favourite bands, Vampire Weekend! They have a new album out soon so excited!
I hope everyone had a fabulous christmas break and found lots of new clothes under the tree. I had a lovely vacation. I went on a last minute vacay to Palm Springs with the fam. The weather was so nice and I got some great pictures! Also the shopping is great down there its so cheap!

Me and my twin shopping, I loved this huge mirror! I want one like this in my room
Ahhh these photos look like they are really bad quality but I think blogger just hates me
These photos were taken at an art galley in Palm Springs which was surprisingly good. They had pieces by Warhol, Degas, Moore, Picasso... I tried to sit on this gigantic swing thing but was unsuccsessful
wearing charlotte russe top (something we don't have in canada) that was $10!!, lucky brand jeans, roxy bag, dolce vita sandals, urban outfitters sunglasses



  1. cute top, gotta love charlotte russe!


  2. i love oxford comma, such a hilarious song! great band. I just got fantastic seats at their DC show in April

  3. i love vampire weekend, i can't wait for their new album to come out!
    and you look lovely in that top. love the pictures in the art gallery! :)

  4. awesome blog hun :)
    and your top= lovve!

  5. oxford comma is the best, very excited for the new album. Sounds like a gallery, Degas is wonderful. Love the top, it has the perfect amount of shine. are you and your twin different heights?

  6. I keep on hearing about Vampire Weekend and I feel so unpopcultured, as I haven't heard them yet. To do list: Download vampire weekend.

    BTW - you look great. Look at all that SUN!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!