Ok so unless you haven't seen the news or you went on a supercool awesome trip to mars I'm assuming that you've all heard about the terrible earthquake in Haiti. What makes it even worse is that this is really the last thing they need right now. Anyways, my family is helping out through World Vision and hopefully you guys are doing your part too. There are tons of ways you can contribute, so lets take a minute from our own consumer lives (I am totally guilty of this!!!) and help out our brothers and sisters in Haiti cause they really need it. :)

Anyways, on a tad brighter note, here are some photos from my family trip to Palm Springs which was quite fun. I however made the mistake of bringing only dresses/shorts and well, it was a desert meaning at night it was freezing! Oh well I got some good photos

Uh ya we went rock climbing
Totally reminded me of where the wild things are. I also couldn't stop picturing a totally awesome photo shoot that could be set against the beautiful desert backdrop.
And we saw a Coyote!



  1. oh man, cyotes are scary, good thing you stayed in the car

    love that saffron yellow top, gorgeous color

  2. Thanks for posting about Haiti. It's really important people help if they can, such a tragedy.

    Also, on a brighter note, your photos are beautiful. I love yellow and you rock!


  3. Looks like you had a fun day
    and it's so true that all of us can help out.
    we are donating $1 to Haitian earthquake relief efforts for every comment we receive on our latest post.

    all you have to do is comment. check it out. spread the word :]

    -N + K