Tiny Dancer

Howdy Y'all

Ok so, the main event this weekend was THANKSGIVING!
Yes us here in Canada celebrate it a month early just because we aren't patient enough. We like our turkey okay?
My mom always makes an amazing meal (scroll down for food porn) and my twin Eireann makes scrumdidlyumtious desserts. I just show up

Oh how I love you incandescent lighting. I've discovered since enrolling in photography class that all of the good pictures are taken OUTSIDE
I really liked the outfit I was wearing that day. I always seem to dress up the best when I stay home..
sorry for the bad quality. wearing : blouse - h+m, skirt - aa, belt - dads old, tights - ?, necklace - random market, shoes - keds
I got my haircut! I don't know if you can tell but I have "bangs" now

Thanks Eireann and Eve for the photos :)

me and my grandma, she actually really liked Nylon. As do I
Oh ya! I got a part in my school musical! It's going to be "Anything Goes" one that I'm less familiar with, but who cares!! Its a musical! I don't know what part I have yet but I'll keep you all posted!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous posts they make me really happy when I read them :)



  1. GREAT outfit!
    and I love Nylon :)

    love annie, xx

  2. love the new haircut! you bangs rock

  3. TOTALLY ! Chanel = Love xDD

    I like your outfit!


  4. Nylon is one of my favorites! That food looks AMAZING! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! I wish it was Thanksgiving here NOOOWWWW.

    Your outfit = Completely adorable.

  5. Cute outfit! I love the blouse. And that your grandma liked Nylon :)

  6. this is lovely. you have an amazing camera. :)

  7. I love this outfit...great photos!!!

  8. Cute outfit! love the necklace!

    -N + K

  9. You're so adorable!! I love your outfit and your family sounds amazing! xxooxoxxo

  10. Lovely haircut! Can't wait till I get a new camera, my current one's a bit suicidal at the moment...

  11. love those first few photos! and i love your header.