Anything Goes

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a good weekend, I sure did.

I am really excited because tomorrow I am going "camping" with my choir for a bonding experience. It sounds like it will be an epic combination of harmonizing/musical fusion. I'm stoked.

On Sunday me, my mom and my parents went for a walk along the ocean and went through the dog walking park. I got some pretty good pictures.

This one was really cute. His name was Sam
My sister chasing a dog
Me and Eve
I can't seem to get enough of this circle scarf! I wear it like every day!

wearing: h+m circle scarf, lucky brand boyfriend jeans, vintage ralph lauren flannel shirt, grey v-neck

Groove on groovsters!



  1. you and your sister are so cute, looks like you had fun :) the scarf is great, no wonder you can't get enough of it!


  2. awwww you and your sister are so cuteee!
    your so pretty!

    and that dog is adorable!

    love annie, xx

  3. Hey emma haven't commented in a while!
    How are you?
    Nicky :)

  4. I hope the camping is going well! I like the circle scarf, too.

  5. Camping sounds like tones of fun! Your sister is adorable, as is your outfit!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! My sister takes my pictures.

  6. love the jeans - so relaxed...

  7. I love your outfit!

    I definitely need to go camping sometime soon, sounds fun!

  8. Oh I adore your outfit!
    Circle scarves are my new found love, and I sort of have a thing for old plaid flannel shirts. :D
    And I used to go for a camping weekend with my choir too, (before I quit) and it's soooo much fun!

  9. Have a great Camping, dear! this casual outfit truly cool style. i have the similar scarf like yours too. <333

  10. ahhh cute dog! hehe nice boyfriend jeans. very coool.

  11. i haven't been to your blog in too long! Have fun camping, it sounds like a blast! I love plaid, it's such a cozy print.

  12. Camping with your choir sounds amazing! We have a huge band/choir trip every spring, and it's such a blast... so maybe yours is similar.

    Also, I actually have heard of Anything Goes! I saw a production of it a couple of years ago.